L-Shaft Premium Carbon

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A premium shaft that won't break while maintaining its beautiful appearance and improving the disadvantages of the resin shaft.
By incorporating a metal core in the middle of the shaft, it achieves both the lightness of the resin shaft and the durability of the metal shaft.
Includes a set of "Premium Champagne Ring" which creates excellent holding power when using L-Flight and "GOMU" which prevents the shank from coming loose as a mark of confidence that it won't break.
Even in the current environment where the weight of the barrel has increased, the L-SHaft, which offers the strength of never breaking when playing darts, is finally completed.


  • 3 x L-Shaft Premium Carbon shafts
  • 1 x GOMU
    L-Shaft Premium Carbon
    L-Shaft Premium Carbon
    L-Shaft Premium Carbon