L-Shaft Carbon Locked Straight Slim

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[Properties of Carbon]
It has excellent wear resistance, heat resistance, heat elasticity, acid resistance and electrical conductivity, and attracts attention as an alternative material to metal. However, the raw material is expensive and its processing requires special equipment and technology, so it is treated as a high-quality material.
Although it is 1/4 heavier than iron, it is 10 times stronger, light and strong, and not easily deformed. It can be used for a long time with a strength that cannot be achieved with a nylon resin shaft.
It has a luxurious feel with the gold logo, so it's also recommended for those who are particularly into higher-end settings.

1. Easy installation
Easy installation of flights with a wide-open outlet.

2. With flight guard
Since it has the task of protecting the base part damage, it has the effect of greatly reducing the damage from the base of flight. It is also a marker for proper adjustment.
It is important that it is tight at the root so that there is no 1mm gap between this flight protector and the flight. Proper adjustment will prevent flight from coming off the shaft.

3. Maximum strength
The strongest resin shaft that has gained experience and research in the L style. Because it takes a long time, the cost performance is also GOOD!

4. Wide range of lengths
Available in a total of 7 lengths, 4 straight and 3 slim. The flight changes depending on the length. Please try different lengths.

* L shank is a shank designed exclusively for champagne rings and bowl clasps.
* With resin champagne ring


  • 3 x Carbon Locked Slim Shafts
    L-Shaft Carbon Locked  Straight Slim
    L-Shaft Carbon Locked  Straight Slim
    L-Shaft Carbon Locked  Straight Slim