L-Style Champagne Ring Premium - Pink Gold

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A metal ring with beautiful colors exclusively for Champagne Pro Flight. The material is aluminum and it is light, so the balance of the arrows is not disturbed.

The shape of the cap covers the tip of the shaft to avoid damage from the tip of the shaft. It also prevents the tip of the throwing arrows from penetrating the tip of the shaft and being turned over during grouping.

The glittering ring becomes a point and fashionably embellishes your My Darts! The setting gives you a feeling of luxury. With the three-piece set of El Flight Pro, El Shaft and this champagne ring, you can adjust settings that make taking off the flight more difficult.

■ Be careful
This item is exclusive to Champagne Pro Flight (a champagne ring flight with holes).
Please note that the shape is different from the shell lock intended for folding flights.
Please use and store out of the reach of small children to avoid accidentally swallowing it.
* The coating deteriorates depending on the frequency of use. Thank you for your understanding as a consumable item.
L-Style Champagne Ring Premium - Pink Gold