Peter Wright


      Peter Wright's emphatic first World Championship win was inspired and powered by a prototype barrel design featuring a modified Razor Edge grip profile combined with a double PVD coating.

      Pete has been searching for darts perfection for over a decade to bring the amazing game he knows he has to the world stage. This particular prototype was the result of weeks of trajectory analysis, dynamic testing, and relentless fine-tuning.

      Delivered to Peter just days before his first game, Peter said, "When I got this dart and felt it in my hand, I just knew it was absolutely perfect." After just a day of testing the darts, Peter was blown away by how well he hit the big numbers. Pinpoint accuracy on all doubles also allowed him incredible flexibility on critical high check-outs. Peter said of the grip: "I kept lifting them up because they felt so amazing. Nobody believed me when I said I was going to win the World Cup with this set... so now they have to do it. "

      Peter's World Championship 2020 Edition features Red Dragon's tournament-winning Razor Edge grip modification with its unique lower profile and higher pitch. This subtle adjustment has given Peter the perfect footing 6 years after his last appearance in the World Championship Finals, where he also used Razor Edge profiling, completing what is undoubtedly one of the best fairy tale stories in the world of darts.

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      24 products