Max Hopp - Max90 2.0

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The Bull's Max90 2.0 is a 90% tungsten dart set designed for German professional darts player Max Hopp. The arrow is available in 22, 23, 24 and 25 grams. The Max90 has a heavy-duty grip and a ring grip on the rear end of the barrel. Maximizer darts are made in New Zealand which is known for its high quality darts. The Max90 dart sets come with the Powerflite Max Hopp Half Face, the Bull's In Between Black Nylon Shaft and the Shot! lasered steel arrowheads black 35mm.


  • 3 x dart barrels
  • 3 x Nylon Shaft Black
  • 3 x Max Hopp Half Face Flight
  • 3 x 35mm steel dart point
    Max Hopp - Max90 2.0
    Max Hopp - Max90 2.0
    Max Hopp - Max90 2.0

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